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Helping Open Source Communities Thrive

1Hive is a decentralized autonomous organization working to grow an open source commons and improve open source sustainability.

What have they built?


1Hive’s Redemptions app allows Aragon organizations to grant their token holders the right to redeem tokens in exchange for a proportional share of the organizations treasury assets.


1Hive’s Token Request app allows users to create a vote which requests an Organization’s tokens in exchange for payment. For example a user may request minting 100 organization tokens in exchange for 100 DAI. The request would require a vote to approve, if the vote is rejected the user would receive their payment back and if it is approved the payment would be deposited in the organization’s vault.


1Hive’s Time Lock app allows an Aragon organization to require users to lock tokens by sending them to the Time Lock app for a configurable period of time in order to forward an intent. For example the organization may require users to lock 100 tokens for 1 month before creating a new vote. The user would be able to come back in a month and claim their locked tokens.


1Hive’s Conviction Voting app is used to allocate funds on proposals based on the conviction an entire organization has on them. Conviction can be signaled by staking organization tokens on proposals, and it is not fully activated until a certain period of time has passed.


An Aragon app for distributing tokens or reputation using a merkle airdrop.

Apiary Explorer

The goal of Apiary Explorer is to provide a way for users to discover, explore, and more effectively participate in Aragon organizations.

Who’s using it?

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What are they currently working on?

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Other interesting info

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