1 Click Actions

Before Prime, Amazon took the retail world by storm with 1-click ordering. It would be AWESOME if Aragon DAOs had that feature, but for voting and taking actions within the DAO. It’s such a small thing, but it would be such a huge UX improvement.

Now I know that this is a security faux pas and it’s also difficult because everyone uses Metamask and Metamask requires you to use their tx flow, but… users don’t care. Users want things that are enjoyable to use. If there’s a way to make this feature happen, it would really really really be awesome :slight_smile:

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Looks like Meta Cartel is actually doing this with Pocket Moloch

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This is awesome!

For this thread tho I was actually thinking about something like meta-transactions where users within the DAO could perform actions without worrying about gas or multiple signatures. This would allow the DAO to pay for transactions rather than the user. The user would just enable metamask to prove that they have a membership token, and then all transactions would be paid for by the DAO. This would work in a DAO that has permissioned membership and all users are somewhat trusted. This would be less ideal in the context of a DAO that has a tradable token that allows anyone to participate and potentially spam the network.

This is one of the usecases I have in mind for discount tokens on Flora. A DAO could designate a relayer, and users could send meta transactions through the relayer. The DAO would have an allowance of free transactions which are refreshed periodically, and the DAO’s designated relayer could apply arbitrary rules for how (and for whom) to relay transactions.